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Husband and wife team, Mike and Janine have been in the hospitality industry for most of their adult lives.  They share an entrepreneurial spirit and are co-owners of various businesses within the hospitality sector.


After taking over ownership of the popular Madeiras Restaurant in Bergvliet and pouring some much needed love into it's restoration, they were on the search for their next project. A boutique Seafood ensemble came on their radar, and it was then that the Salt & Lemon Seafood Cafe came to life.


A force to be reckoned with, this diverse duo have rallied together to bring this beautiful restaurant back to its former glory. With a full branding overhaul, to a new fresh menu, some new faces in the kitchen, and many more finer details, you better be sure good things are only coming.


They aspire to bring the Pinelands community and surrounds a Seafood dining experience like no other. One where your hunger and soul are collectively satisfied.

"To me food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company as it is about the taste."

~ Heston Blumenthal ~

Shrimp, Clams & Oysters
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Natroune our Head Chef aka “Nut” garnered a love and passion for food from an early age when he took over all the cooking in his own household growing up. He knew that when he decided to write his own recipe book in high school for a school project, that he was officially hooked.

After attending Granger Bay Hotel school, Nut hit the ground running working as a chef, quickly climbing the culinary ladder by being promoted to Junior Sous Chef very early in his career.

With his high attention to detail, Nut has transformed into a creative and unique chef with a refined palate. He believes that if there is something worth doing, it should always be done with excellence. “Dream big, chase the impossible”

A Man Preparing a Salad
Josie Wiggett
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Keeping it in the family... Josie joined the Salt & Lemon team in August 2022. Growing up surrounded by the buzzing, vibrant and fast-paced service industry, it only seemed natural for her to follow in her parents footsteps.


Starting from the ground up, Josie has extensive knowledge in hospitality, making her an empathetic leader, running the restaurant like a boss! Her vivacity and authenticity can be felt the moment you walk through the door.


Josie brings a youthful, enthusiastic, go-getter energy to the table. But most of all she makes you feel like a VIP every time you visit the restaurant.

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